How do you sleep the night before you know you are going to be live on national TV?

On Monday I got my 15 minutes of fame all in one day. Celia and I were on the BBC 1 Breakfast TV sofa for about 6 minutes…













Then I did a Radio 4 interview where I mentioned sex, excrement and spying litter bins all before 8:30 in the morning….followed by BBC Radio Scotland then BBC Radio Warwickshire the next day.

Celia, who was my premier league lifelogger from the study, thought we should monitor our sleep for the night before we knew we would both be live on national TV, so we wore our Zeo headbands. Now I am a championship sleeper, when WakeMate were still in business and I used their wristband (the most comfortable of the lot I might add), I was regularly in the top 5 ranked sleepers in the world on their charts.  However, it appears that, at least for me, knowing your are going to be live on national TV affects sleep. Here is my Zeo sleep graph for that night:

Blaine's sleep the night before Breakfast TV Broadcast

As you can see, I take ages to fall asleep, have very little deep sleep (dark green) and very little REM sleep (light green), then wide awake from 4AM wondering which talking point I can use! Finally around 6AM I fall back into REM sleep and the alarm goes off.

Meanwhile, here is Celia’s graph (different format because it came from an Android phone):




























As you can see, she sleeps right through the night (other than the 2 wake up spikes which are normal for her), she gets up at 6 then takes the headband off later. Celia also gave a brilliant interview, so from the small sample we conclude that, for some people, the threat of appearing on live television has an adverse affect on sleep quality, while for others, it has no effect. Another data point for the journal of useless results….