2011-2012 Lifelogging Study: Visual, Activity, Sleep

At the end of 2011 and beginning of 2012 I conducted a series of studies with so-called “ordinary people”, that is, people who were not self-quantifiers of life-loggers and had no particular technology or gadget interest. I analyzed the then current technology for visual life-logging (really only the Microsoft Sensecam/Vicon Revue) as well as dedicated apps and devices for activity and sleep measurement. You can find much of the device analysis in the Devices tab above, but the report on the studies is in this document: 2011-2012-Visual-Sleep-Activity Study1

One of the conclusions is that the usability of the dedicated devices (Vicon Revue and FitBit) are poor including poor sync/charge for ordinary people: they both require too much car and feeding!