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Autographer Blog Interview with Gordon Bell

There is a nice interview with lifelogging pioneer Gordon Bell on the Autographer Blog covering the history of lifelogging as he sees it. The Autographer lifelogging camera is now available in Europe and there is a review of it on Tech Radar. It has a claimed 10 hour battery life but the user interface seems only a small step on from the Vicon Revue/Sensecam–I would be very curious to see how it could be used in a privacy preserving way so you don’t accidentally get images of things you don’t want to have images of.

Video Life-Logging getting creepier? Para-Shoot now on pre-order (Update: looks like an existing product)

The Para-Shoot Kickstarter project has now moved to pre-order phase and looks set to be the most practical visual life-logging tool yet — it can cover a whole day in relatively high resolution, but the creepy thing is that, unlike the Vicon Revue/Sensecam, this is designed to not look like a camera. The high resolution combined with the fact that you can’t tell when it is recording is going to raise the same ethical questions as Google Glass.

EDIT 22 Aug 2013: previous mention of the neckband battery was from the ParaShoot v1 (unfunded) kickstarter page that I had linked to in error, thanks to Dave and others for pointing that out!

UPDATE: kickstarter has suspended funding for para-shoot, no explanation yet. There are suggestions on twitter that the hardware has been cloned.

UPDATE: campaign now moved to indigogo but no explanation for kickstarter suspension.

UPDATE: looks like this is a re-badge of an available Chinese product called Unieye, see for example this eBay listing:

Public Visual Lifelogging going mainstream?

Not long after my earlier post about the so-called creepy CCTV guy, I find this image apparently taken on the Central Line in London (tube/subway/metro) with what looks like a lifelogging camera and lots of video screens on the jacket playing things. I don’t know if it was a publicity stunt but I would love to know the public reaction as he walked around. (Thanks to via the self-hacking google group.)

Negative responses to visual lifelogging

In a previous post I wrote about how it is legal (at least in the UK) to take photos while in a public place as long as you aren’t obviously harrassing someone. I just found out about a guy who calls himself Surveillance Camera Man who seems to be conducting some kind of breaching experiment to test the limits of this. There is an article on GeekWire describing it but the latest video has already been reported to YouTube and blocked because it violates YouTube’s harassment policy. One of the earlier videos shows a confrontation with a security guard while standing on a public sidewalk and some very upset people. When he points out to a lady who comes out that they have cameras pointing at him, why can’t he have a camera pointed at them she doesn’t get the irony, falling back on “This is America…”.

As several of the comments note, had he done this in a different area he might have been beat up (but at least he would have the video evidence to prosecute his attackers I guess…).