England only: Should you opt out of NHS Summary Care Records

I just read the leaflet about the implementation of NHS Summary Care Records. It sounds like a no-brainer: emergency medical staff get access to your headline health records, medications, allergies and so on. Everyone who looks at it has every access authenticated and audited and the leaflet said that I could view my record anytime, free of charge, after registering on the site www.healthspace.nhs.uk –I was floored, someone appears to have implemented electronic health records correctly!  Then I looked closer: the healthspace website was decommissioned 6 months ago and many of the links on the www.nhscarerecords.nhs.uk website also go to a decommissioned site.  I don’t have any drug or other serious allergies and I’m not on any medication so I’m going to opt-out because the risks (anyone can read my health records without me knowing) outweigh the advantages. The link to the page to print your opt-out form is here: http://www.nhscarerecords.nhs.uk/optout