Life-logging my Nissan Leaf (Leaf-logging)

Now that I’ve had my all electric Nissan Leaf for 6 months I thought I would start looking at some of the data. I’m installing full logging of GPS coordinates and battery condition shortly but here is a quick chart of the monthly summary for miles travelled and efficiency (the number of miles I get for every kWh of electricity in the battery).

The first month I only had it half the month hence the low miles. In January the car sat in an airport car park for a week so that was lower mileage, but you can see as the temperature dropped so has my efficiency (dramatically). I’ll have to plot the average daytime temperature on the graph as well. The cost/mile (given that I charge with night time electricity at 6p/kWh) has hovered around 1.6-1.8p/mile until January when the cold weather and some frequent motorway trips pushed the cost up by 50% to 2.6p/mile. We shall have to see if the warmer weather turns the efficiency line around back towards 4 miles/kWh.