More sleep analysis products: Beddit and a Sleep Mask

I’ve written before about  tracking sleep and my current favourite non-invasive sleep tracking app is still Sleep As Android, but two other crowd funding projects (albeit a lot more expensive) are joining the fray. The Beddit bed scales put four mini-scales under the legs of your bed and not only track your weight automatically (even if you sleep with a partner) but also measures sleep quality using a similar actigraphy method to the wrist sensor and apps on the mattress.

Another angle, which, although more invasive claims to have greater functionality, is a Sleep Mask which apparently allows you to power nap and sleep fewer hours but feel more refreshed. This sounds optimistic but if it really works for people then I’m sure there will be a long queue for them! As with many self-monitoring and quantified self commercial products a get a sense of pseudo-science from many so I would be keen to hear if anyone has any experience or can point me to papers on the subject.