Negative responses to visual lifelogging

In a previous post I wrote about how it is legal (at least in the UK) to take photos while in a public place as long as you aren’t obviously harrassing someone. I just found out about a guy who calls himself Surveillance Camera Man who seems to be conducting some kind of breaching experiment to test the limits of this. There is an article on GeekWire describing it but the latest video has already been reported to YouTube and blocked because it violates YouTube’s harassment policy. One of the earlier videos shows a confrontation with a security guard while standing on a public sidewalk and some very upset people. When he points out to a lady who comes out that they have cameras pointing at him, why can’t he have a camera pointed at them she doesn’t get the irony, falling back on “This is America…”.

As several of the comments note, had he done this in a different area he might have been beat up (but at least he would have the video evidence to prosecute his attackers I guess…).