Save all your social media lifelogging data

One of the downsides of most of the social network systems is that they don’t charge you anything–this means that your data is their revenue model and it also means that you have to go to them if you want access to your data. If you want to do something clever with it you can’t export it and play with it.

A new startup,, is changing this by downloading all of your social network data to your computer (NOT their cloud service) so you can have it all in one place and do with it what you want. Their privacy policy is one of the clearest I have read and they make it clear that you pay them a license fee to download the data but if you drop your subscription you still have access to your data (you just don’t get any more downloaded until you re-subscribe).  It says they don’t store any of your data so you need to backup the data you download to your own private backup or cloud service.