Sleep Cycle

The Sleep Cycle iPhone app is probably the most popular (being one of the earliest) and is fairly automatic, it is simply switched on each night with the charger plugged in and placed on the bed face down beside your pillow. It measures movement and sound and wakes you within half an hour of your chosen wake up time by looking at how active/noisy you are and determining when you are moving from deep sleep to light sleep. The idea is that it wakes you when you are entering light sleep so you don’t feel groggy in the morning. You can also set it to just record your sleep levels. Either way it produces a page of simple stats with a graph:

While easy to use and automatic, the data produced is only available in the form above. It can be e-mailed as an image or posted on a social network, but the underlying numerical data is not available. Like other smartphone apps using this method, it isn’t true actigraphy and results are highly dependent on the mattress type and whether or not the person sleeps alone.